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I'm a business owner too

Some people may view me by putting me in a box.  This is a CPA and nothing more.  That is certainly one approach as I have training and experience as a CPA.  However, I am much more than that.

I am a fellow business owner.  I understand cash flow crunches, demands on time, the need to market, and much more.  I also have the opportunity to interact with fellow business owners in my role as a CPA.  I receive perspective in how people manage their time, the work load, and the pressures of running a business.

I am for one a CPA in San Antonio but am also a great resource to help you accomplish much more outside of that function.  I am able to help you shape your business to grow, identify ways to balance life and work, and help you develop a way to realize your goals.

Give me a call if you are interested in meeting with me to learn how I may help you to achieve balance while still fulfilling my role as your CPA. 

Richard J. Garcia | 03/06/2010