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We Offer Personal Budgets Too!

When you think about CPA's, maybe you consider only bookkeeping and taxes.  That's o.k. but we do so much more.  The papers, television programs and talk radio cover how people live from paycheck to paycheck.  I've heard them state large numbers of American families have no emergency funds.  Maybe it's because they never learned how to budget.

My firm offers services to help you develop a family budget so you are able to live within your earnings and still save for things like emergencies.

I will advise you on computer based budgeting programs, train you how to use them and counsel you on establishing a budget which you will then be in control of.

Don't wait for a pay raise to solve your problem, let's work together to develop a financial budget for your household.  

Put me, a CPA in San Antonio on your team so you will be ready for life's financial emergencies.

Richard J. Garcia | 03/08/2010