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Always be a student

When you've been in business for awhile, you develop habits and can easily slip into complacency.  Your routine for doing things has worked for you so long that it's easy to keep doing something the same way.  That's great for consistency but there is a downside.  The downside is you may lose the chance to reexamine cheaper and more efficient ways of operating your business.

Whether your business is preparing burgers or performing a service to customers, it's important to be open minded like a student to absorb new ideas of doing things.  This approach leaves you more nimble to adapt to the changes in your market place and improves the odds of you being a long term player in what you offer to the public.

Make sure to read trade publications for your area of expertise and general business books to stay at the forefront of your market.

I look forward to servicing your personal and/or business needs.  I am a CPA in San Antonio who offers a wide away of services that may be tailored to meet your needs. 

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Richard J. Garcia | 03/12/2010