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    I was reading a story yesterday which certainly surprised me but probably shouldn't have.  The story mentioned two IRS workers accused of stealing money orders from IRS.  This story actually triggered other past issues clients have called me to discuss concerning Internal Revenue Service.

    I have a considerable number of people who get frustrated by the feeling that the various departments of the IRS don't communicate with one another.  Once I explain that IRS is like any other large enterprise then my clients understand a bit better about why they need to explain their situation over and over when they call IRS.  The sheer size of large companies stretched out among various cities does tend to result in a lack of communication within various departments of large businesses (IRS included). It also creates opportunities for people to steal.  Theft by employees can occur in any organization and even a government one like the IRS.

    How can you protect yourself from this kind of situation?  Make copies of what you send in, mail your correspondence via certified mail and always get the name and ID of the IRS agent you speak with so you may be able to bring the next IRS agent up to speed quickly on your particular situation.  

    The documentation is a vital key to communicating with the IRS.  If you send in money then make sure it contains what form and year the payment is for.  Make sure you have read the directions on the proper payee name (like United States Treasury) instead of an agents name or something more peculiar like that.

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    Richard J. Garcia | 03/13/2010