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Give of yourself to worthy causes

It took me awhile to understand why you need to give of your money and/or time to your community.  I have read seemingly tons of books over the years for self improvement and starting businesses.  I can't remember any of them mentioning volunteering and contributing money.

What's in it for you?  Look at it this way. Would you like to reflect on a hopefully long life and realize all you did was mark time?   

A few years ago, I was privately frustrated because I did not feel my Church did enough for me.  Selfish?  Probably, but it took me awhile to understand that if I wanted something, I needed to participate and give of myself.  After I began to volunteer in Church, it became easier to volunteer in my community in things that were of interest to me.  Once I gave, I noticed more people began to patronize my business and I also felt more at peace with myself.  I didn't plan or expect that to occur but I am happy it did.

Try to volunteer for just one thing this year without expecting anything in return for it.  I promise you that you will feel great once you do.

I am a CPA in San Antonio and I love working with individuals and small businesses in San Antonio and surrounding areas.


Richard J. Garcia | 03/16/2010