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    It took me a great deal of time (probably much longer than I should have) to add an associate to my firm.  I definitely needed the help then (and now).  One of the interesting side benefits I have in my field is the opportunity to see how other business owners operate.

    Watching other owners add staff gave me pause to reflect on what I was doing in my own firm.  I came to the realization that I could not keep doing the same thing I always did.  I could only handle so much work by myself without ruining my personal relationships with the time demands I was under to get the work done.  

    I was able to crystalize one thought.  Am I working a job or a business.  

    Once I reached a decision that I was working a job, I began to understand the opportunity for growth as a person and for the firm was to let go and share the workload with another.  The upshot of that decision was to receive more capacity to handle new clients and another viewpoint on how things could be done better.

    I know how hard it is to let go of doing everything yourself (especially if you started the business from scratch).  Adding an associate to your firm will help you to have more personal time and yield the opportunity for greater returns in your business.  By the way, it's o.k. for you to have the feeling of being scared when you make that decision.  That's a normal reaction.

    I am a CPA in San Antonio and look forward to service your individual and business needs.  Give me a call to chat.  Your first meeting with me is free. 

    Richard J. Garcia | 03/21/2010