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Appearances may help sell your product or service

Here's a little experiment.  What type of job would you think someone has if they are wearing scrubs and a stethoscope?  How about a suit and a briefcase?  How about someone wearing a tool belt?
You can imagine the person in scrubs working somehow in the healthcare field, the person in the suit in business, and the one with the tool belt in construction.
The outward image of what you project in your appearance really conveys quite a bit before you even open your mouth to speak.  All your knowledge and technical expertise will have to overcome a first impression.  So, what you wear can help you sell your services even before you've had the opportunity to close the deal.
I actually purchased a book on how to coordinate clothing to wear in today's business casual environment.  It's easy to pick out a suit to wear but acceptable business casual takes being educated on how to coordinate an outfit that doesn't create a fashion faux pas in your field of expertise.
I had an extern a few years back come to my office in a rock band t-shirt along with very casual clothes.  I was forced by their appearance to counsel them on the minimum dress requirement for my business.  
It makes common sense to look at what you are projecting (with your clothing choices) so you may have an easier time overcoming initial client impressions.
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Richard J. Garcia | 03/26/2010