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    As a boy, I couldn't understand when I'd read or hear about a business owner who worked long hours in their business but commented on how much they looked forward to working each day.  It seemed to me like eating spinach or some other food that kids weren't particularly fond of.

    Having worked for a number of years in corporate America and being a business owner, I now understand why.

    Working for large corporations had meant annual performance evaluations, approval for vacation days, last minute work requests and more.  Each was a less than satisfactory endeavor but was necessary for the safety of a regular paycheck.  That was part of the deal.

    Being a business owner means the freedom to make as much as you want (or nothing at all), the ability to meet with business owners instead of following a personnel chain of command, the setting of your own work schedule and the seemingly endless possibilities that is limited only by your imagination.  Don't forget also the opportunity to build something that may be sold for even more money when you are ready to retire.

    Those people who work those long hours do not look at their work hours as work.  They (and I) look forward to coming into the office each day because it's fun to do what you like to do and get paid for it.

    If you decide you want off the "safe" path of working for someone else then call me to discuss how you can open your own business and have fun doing something while getting paid to do it.

    I am a CPA in San Antonio and would like to service your individual and/or business needs.

    Richard J. Garcia | 03/28/2010