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Lessons learned from the old Pat Maloney tv commercials

For years, I would be watching TV and a commercial would air from a highly respected local attorney named Pat Maloney.  He would give a brief lesson on some part of the law.  At the time, I wondered why he would spend his money to educate his community instead of selling the benefits of using his firm.  At last, I understand why.

Mr. Maloney probably understood the importance of remaining visible in the community and allowing the public to have identify him as understanding the law well enough to both practice  and teach it.  That's a powerful message.  The frequent spots would create a strong connection between law and his firm.  When you need a good attorney, his name would automatically be on your mind.

I believe his commercial spots built brand recognition which was recognized by the population who watched his commercials over and over again.

Try and emulate the late Mr. Maloney to create the same level of brand recognition for your business.

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Richard J. Garcia | 03/30/2010