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    I am a simple man.  I like food.  I also like to cook.
    Today, I will have a number of people over to my house for a BBQ to celebrate Easter and family.  I've learned over the years to have all attendees bring something.  Like the stone soup story you may have heard in Church, we each add something to make it better for all to consume.
    The list of what to bring has been shared but no one selected making pinto beans.  It's taken me a couple of decades to learn the secret of cooking beans and I'll share its message and recipe with you.
    You really can't rush cooking beans.  Some will wash them and let them soak for eight hours or so, in order for them to get infused with the water and make the cooking time shorter (around four hours on medium heat).  Others will cook them straight away but in a crockpot for eleven hours on high.  In the crockpot (or stove top), you take three parts water to one part bean.  Add salt, garlic powder and pepper to taste (don't be stingy with the salt) before you seal them to cook and voila.  You will have buttery soft beans with amazing flavor.
    The lesson learned from cooking the bean is that there is a process to them.  Get the steps out of order and the result is something no one will really be happy with.
    The same lesson is true in business.  There are some things that take going through certain steps.  Only by a planned series of steps will yield what you want.  Rush the process and you won't be satisfied.  Take too long and what you wanted may no longer be right for you.  
    So, cooking beans is somewhat like operating a business.  There are steps to be taken to achieve what you desire in a timely fashion and to yield what you intended.
    I am a CPA in San Antonio and I serve businesses and individuals in the San Antonio and surrounding areas.

    Richard J. Garcia | 04/04/2010