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    It's funny.  When you're a kid, you can't wait for the freedom and privilege of adulthood.  Nobody telling you what to do, how to spend your money, what to wear.  When you become an adult, you find it's different from what you imagined.

    Deadlines, long hours, responsibilities are just a few of the things in store.  As an adult, time seems to speed passed like a freight train.  It's important to periodically reexamine why you do things from time to time.

    We only have so many years of productivity inside us.  Like the story about the cricket and the ant, we work to make our life in the future more comfortable.

    I encourage each of you to consider starting a business.  The feeling of self employment is magical.  I don't fear the possibility of a boss telling me my job is being eliminated for some corporate mandated reason.  It's true that starting a business feels scary but I ask only one question.  Is it better to be able to get fired many times (and still eat due to many more customers) or one time and face financial catastrophe?

    At least consider unshackling yourself and taking more control of your destiny while you are reexamining your life priorities. You won't find yourself living with as many regrets in the future.

    I am a CPA in San Antonio and provide service to individuals and small businesses in the San Antonio area.

    Richard J. Garcia | 04/18/2010