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Knowledge is Power

I had a few hours to spend yesterday and decided to visit the Library.  As an entrepreneur, I need to stay ahead of trends instead of behind. 

The Library is an excellent source to research how to design a functional office, learn about marketing and even recharging your batteries by reading a book for enjoyment.

 Currently I'm in the middle of a book just checked out from the public Library.  It's called Guerilla Marketing in 30 days.  I'm hoping to learn something that I haven't utilized in my business.  You never know where you're next great idea is coming from.  Books, networking and positioning yourself in your field are all options to growing your business.  Just like investing, the earlier you start then the less you need to spend later.

 I am a CPA in San Antonio and serve individuals and small business in the San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Richard J. Garcia | 04/25/2010