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    There was a movie sometime back on two people who were facing death.  The two of them decided to make a list of things to do before they "kicked the bucket."

     On the list were some really wonderful things but you have to wonder why they waited for the "end" before trying to get those accomplished.

     My point?  If you ever thought about having a business of your own, why wait?

    The more time that passes then the less time you have to grow your business to as big as you want. Don't wait for someone to hand it to you.  That strategy is unlikely to occur and you probably wouldn't appreciate it as much if it happened in that manner.

     Start making your plans today and give yourself a timetable to launching your dream or dreams.  If you do, you will have so much more to look forward to each day.

     I am a CPA in San Antonio and serve individuals and small businesses in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

    Richard J. Garcia | 05/16/2010