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Too old to start a business? Never!

So perhaps you are leading a rather quiet life working for "the man".  A feeling has been gnawing at you about running your own business but you fear time has past you by.  If you need some stories of people who started later in life to spur you to action then read below.  These were found on CNN's website and I thought you might find the people inspirational to move you to action.


Colonel Sanders

Harland Sanders (from KFC chicken fame) started his chicken empire at 65.  He did it one store at a time through franchising.

Jack Cover

Started his product Taser at 50.  Taser is what enforcement departments around the world use to incapacitate assailants without permanently injuring them.

Grandma Moses

The artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses didn't start her painting career until 76 years old.  Her painting career lasted another 25 years.


Just a few names for you.  Why should somebody else realize your dream.  Your business doesn't have to start big but only has to start.  Give me a call so you can be an inspirational story for someone else.

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Richard J. Garcia | 05/17/2010