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Advantages of my newsletter

Most days, I blog about things that are likely to be of interest to small business owners.  It's usually not tax questions that owners have on their minds but operational questions.  However, some of you may be interested more in the tax tips and such that CPA's are know for.
Well, all I ask is that you sign up for my free monthly newsletter.  It only takes a few moments to do and in return you receive our newsletter which contains more of the things you would expect to read about from a CPA firm.
I know the value of free.  I like free.  In this case, free really is worth it.  Why not sign up for 12 months of tips sent via e-mail to help you in your business.  
Why do I offer the newsletter?  Mostly to demonstrate my interest in helping your business.  I also receive the opportunity to reach out to you each month and put my name in front of you in the hopes of earning your business in the future.  Think about the newsletter. What do you have to lose.
I am a CPA in San Antonio and serve individuals and small businesses in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Richard J. Garcia | 05/20/2010