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The sweetest sound for the self employed

What do I mean by my blog title?  I was thinking about the sweetest sound for me (as a business owner) is my business phone ringing.
Why would I make such a statement?  Well, when I first started my business, I actually would pick up the receiver to my business phone quite often just to make sure it was working.  In the beginning, it did not ring.  
Even though the phone didn't ring, I was full of excitement to "be in business".  Excitement is one thing but worry in being able to feed your family is another emotion that becomes a driver in you to take action.
The office was so quiet in the beginning and I really had no one to coach me on what to expect.  It took me awhile to formulate a plan to "make make the phone ring".  Unless you spend gobs of money to promote your business then you need to create a layered approach to drive business to your phone and store/office.
I may not know how to produce your service or product but I do know how to market a business and to generate a plan to help you build your business.  It is possible for you to do it all yourself but isn't it nice to know you have a fellow business owner who has a proven method of generating sales?
Give me a call if you need bookkeeping, payroll or tax help but think of me also if you want to build your sales volume.
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I am a CPA in San Antonio and serve individuals and small businesses in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Richard J. Garcia | 05/22/2010