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Out of Sight Out of Mind

It struck me how today's blog title really rings true.  Why do businesses advertise so heavily on TV, radio, print, etc?  To remain in your mind's eye when you are ready to buy.
I had a visit from a friend last week.  In the course of our chat, I revealed that I used the services of someone else in her industry to meet my need within the past 30 days.  She was disappointed and so was I that I hadn't at least called her to see if she could provide me with a better deal. Her company had sent staff out to meet with the community but the timing for me was too late.  It had been too long since I had seen her last (or had any type of contact) and so I completely forgot about what she did for a living.  Could she have provided me what I needed at the time?  Absolutely!  Now I realize why companies spend to get their name out to consumers constantly.
If you are in business (or thinking about being in business) then make sure you find a way to stay in contact with customers and prospects so you "won't be forgotten".
I am a CPA in San Antonio and serve individuals and small businesses in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Richard J. Garcia | 05/25/2010