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Tests are not the end all be all

Over the weekend, we had a party at our house.  A number of people took a free test on  It is supposed to reveal your individual traits and the careers which are better suited to those same traits.  Taking that test over the weekend reminded me of something which happened a long time ago.
When I was still in corporate America, the employees (including me) of a particular company were asked to take a test.  The test was intended to identify if you were most suited to perform the position you occupied.  It was funny to me because so much emphasis seemed to be placed upon what the test results revealed and some pretty basic (to me) factors were overlooked.
For instance, there were some new job opportunities within the company that went to people whose testing revealed their individual traits were most suited for that type of work.  That logic is fine on the surface but there was only one problem (as I observed it).  People moved to those newly created positions lacked the formal education (in that major of study) and previous job experience. Others in the same company had the education and experience but were not considered for those same positions because their test did not reveal an inclination to enjoy doing that function.  
To me, Education and experience must be given equal weight in addition to any tests taken on traits.  Use tests as one tool but not the only one in making your hiring decisions.
I enjoyed taking the test over the weekend.  The results revealed my traits are in alignment for the type of work I do.  For those of you considering a change in your careers (or just starting out), take the test and see if it helps to give you any insight on what you might want to consider doing for a career.
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Richard J. Garcia | 06/07/2010