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Did you know that our payroll processing service is affordable?

"Really? That's not a bad price."  I don't know why I hear that type of quote from potential clients more often than not.  
We price our services including payroll to be within the budget of most small businesses.  In fact, we focus on start up and small business customers.  I've taken meetings with other professionals to discuss their clients and how we can help them.  Those professionals and others are usually happy with our rates.
We are not the lowest priced provider of services because we have overhead to consider.  It's hard to compete on price with someone who works out of their home and does it "on the side".  Those professionals do have some negatives which may counter their "deal" rates.  Many of those individuals will have a full time job and are therefore unavailable to help the client during their full time job work hours.  I suppose the really low fees come with an inconvenience of waiting for them to be done working as an employee somewhere else.  Good luck if you have an emergency because will you probably have to wait until evening hours.
I suppose the big question is do you really want your business needs to be met by someone who serves your account on a part time basis?
Well, like I said previously, our rates are affordable.  Regarding our payroll services, We have a number of payroll clients (in diverse industries) and provide to you the ability to have checks cut on your check stock, direct payment of tax liability payments to tax authorities, payroll audits and more.
We don't typically lose out on a potential client because of price and we enjoy what we do for you.
Give us a call to see how we can assist you with your bookkeeping, payroll and/or tax needs.
I am a CPA in San Antonio and serve individuals and small businesses in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Richard J. Garcia | 06/11/2010