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A freebee for you

Periodically, I like to bring attention to a freebee that is available on my website.  "Free?  Where is it and what is it?"
It's my monthly newsletter.  Under the resources tab, you will find a selection for newsletter.  Just go there and put in your e-mail address and you will be in my system to receive a free newsletter to your e-mail every month.  It contains quite a bit of useful information including tips on taxes, quickbooks, due dates and more.  Don't worry.  I don't sell account information.  The e-mail you supply is just to be able to electronically receive what I'm sharing with you today.
How often can you pass up the opportunity to get something like that?  What's in it for me?  Well, hopefully, you will decide to patronize my business when you need bookkeeping, payroll or tax help.  
Think about your tax professional.  How often does he or she contact you to give you tax tips and other useful information?  I am trying to set our business apart from the pack so you will know I want your business.
I am a CPA in San Antonio and serve individuals and small businesses in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Richard J. Garcia | 06/12/2010