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It's only fun when you do something you enjoy

I can't imagine working someplace for an entire career and not looking forward to the next work day.  I remember back a time when I would hear stories about self employed people who would work long hours but were saying how much fun it was to go to work.
Work being fun?  Looking forward to the next day of work?  What the heck???
Well, I've been self employed for awhile and I understand the statements of self employed people who do enjoy running their own enterprise and putting in those long hours.
In the beginning, it's good to work somewhere to acquire practical experience in your chosen trade or profession.  There is no substitute for learning under someone more seasoned than you on how to fix things done the wrong way or not at all before it dropped onto your lap.  The important part is to acquire enough knowledge and experience while working somewhere else as an employee so you will have the skill set to be able to launch your own operation.  
Sure, self employment at first is scary.  But somehow, when you've honed your skills, it does become fun to be an owner of a business.  I believe part of the fun is not having someone tell you what you know needs to be done.  Another part is to not be capped to how much you can make.  Still another part is to have a vibrant business that started as an idea in your head that wouldn't go away.
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Richard J. Garcia | 06/16/2010