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What defines success for you?

I was googling this morning for some interesting facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt and JP Morgan.  Both were very successful businessmen and I began to wonder about what defines success for me.
I don't know if I need to amass their great wealth (of course it would be nice).  I like having a business but to have one on the scale of those two giants of the business world would require so much time and energy which would probably preclude me from doing much else.
I believe that success must encompass both personal and business areas.  I think I might begin to read books on men of yesteryear to see how they did it.  I am not so inclined as to lose all my personal time in exchange for vast material fortune and no quality of life.
I can understand why people are willing to pay so much to eat and chat with people like Warren Buffett today in order to pick his brain about such matters.
I did notice certain traits about both men mentioned but I am going to keep that to myself and employ their "secrets" in my own business.  Do you want to know?  Read and learn.
I guess the old adage continues to hold true - knowledge is power.
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Richard J. Garcia | 06/17/2010