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Aiming High For Your Goals

I remember hearing the story about the mountain and the entrepreneur.  It goes that you can put a business owner anywhere on the mountain but sooner or later, he/she will find their enterprise at the place on the mountain where they belong.
I believe the lesson of the story is you can fund a venture with lots of cash and advantages to make a big splash and start at the top but the business results will keep you there or move you down.  There are lots of factors involved in the movement which depend on how hard you work the business and whether your business is based upon a solid plan for success.
I have clients who have started at the bottom of the mountain with little funds but a solid plan, a good work ethic, a passion for what they do and of course a bit of luck.  They are moving up the mountain in a solid safe manner.
I remember another business (never a client of mine) which started with a big opening and a bunch of heavy hitters attending their launch but within a few years were out of business.  They slid down the mountain top.  The problem?  Their business model and plan was not very good and they lasted only because they had a pile of money to burn through before they hit rock bottom.
Don't be afraid to climb to the top of the mountain.  That's were big success awaits.  Who knows, work hard and smart enough and your name may find its way to the Fortune 500 wealthiest lists.
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Richard J. Garcia | 06/23/2010