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Simple points to starting a business

There are people who want a business but are frozen because they don't know what kind of business to start.  There are others who have started a business because they followed a couple of simple points.
The first point is to fill a need.  If the baby boomers are aging as a whole then find an area to serve their needs.  Perhaps home health care or housekeeping for those who don't want a retirement community but could use an extra hand.  Look for opportunities in your community to fill a shortage.
The second point is to operate a business in an area which you enjoy.  I would starve if I had to make my living turning a wrench or using a hammer.  It's not a talent I have mastered and a fog seems to develop in my brain when a simple home repair task is at hand.  On the other hand, I love working with people and like solving puzzles.  Bookkeeping and related tasks kind of feel like working a puzzle to me.  I enjoy that kind of work.
The third point is avoid dream crushers.  From parents to friends, you never know where a dream crusher is going to emerge.  If you have done your research, have the talent and a good business plan then don't worry about the people who tell you it's not going to work.  You will never succeed if you never try.
The fourth point is to surround yourself with a team.  I don't mean you must hire employees right away.  I mean have a working business relationship with a core of professionals who will help you protect and prepare your business for the opportunities to come.  You need to give me a call to know who this collection of people are and why you need them.
I am a CPA in San Antonio and serve individuals and small businesses in San Antonio and surrounding areas.  We provide bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and more.  Give us a call and remember that the initial visit is FREE.

Richard J. Garcia | 06/24/2010