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    I was reading in my local newspaper a couple of days ago how there were thousands of applications on file for teaching positions at a number of local school districts and only hundreds of openings.
    The article mentioned how a glut had developed locally because people in other professions are obtaining certifications to teach as a solution to unemployment.  The lack of positions in their primary areas of study are turning them to teaching as a means of providing for themselves and their families.
    I don't know about you but I always thought the smart move was to research the demand for a product or service and then fill the need.  It would seem those people lacking employment should seriously consider starting their own business.
    Think about it.  People want a job working for someone or some large organization who owns a business and has the ability to pay. Wouldn't it be easier and more rewarding to be the one hiring for your growing business rather than one of thousands applying for work?  What are you waiting for?
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    Richard J. Garcia | 07/01/2010