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Do the right thing

You know, running a business can be either very complicated or simple.  I myself prefer simple and equitable.  The teachings I received as a boy was to be fair and try to do the right thing.  Now, I am no saint by any means and as a boy, I wanted what was good for me.  The bigger piece of cake, my TV shows first.  Well, you get the idea.  Mine before yours is a short term benefit but a long term detriment.  The person who is shorted will of course be looking to even the score in the future and then scores will be settled.  I suppose that's were and old saying "What goes around comes around" may have originated.
The same lessons in fairness still hold true as a business owner.  Do the right thing.  Have both parties to a situation equally benefit.  Everybody wins.
It's hard to always hold onto being equitable, especially when cash flow, stresses of life and frustrations cloud your judgement.  Over time, being able to do the right thing will increase your chances to grow your business and to make your life worth living.
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Richard J. Garcia | 07/06/2010