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Do you have a plan if you lost your job today?

Why does it seem that people have more of an idea of what they are going to do about dinner than if they lost their current job?
If you haven't made a plan about a sudden loss of your current job, make one now.  With the economy sputtering, many employers are reluctant to take on new staff.  You've probably still got bills to pay and if you're like most Americans, your savings will not get you through for very long.
How about starting on a side business while you work full time?  Set a date to get it going and stick to it.  Approach the launch of your business like you would if you started a garden.  Make a plan of how long it should take to bring you results, take care of the business while it's still growing and wait for it to start producing for you.
Many people have started successful businesses before you and there are still fortunes to be made in having your own enterprise.  Why wait until you are facing financial ruin before you take that first step?
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Richard J. Garcia | 07/13/2010