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    Having worked for large corporations in my career, the answer is a bit easier for me than others.  In large organizations, you have a marketing department which positions your product or service in the marketplace.  Perhaps you want your product/service to be perceived as a value or on the other side of the scale a luxury.  One of the examples I typically use is Hamburger restaurants.  One may provide their product quickly and with no frills where you sit in an eating area designed to appeal to the widest demographic.  Another restaurant makes your selection using premium ingredients and a posh eating environment designed for a more discriminating customer.  Both are good for different reasons but perhaps one will be patronized more often due to its budget friendly price and the number of mouths you have to provide for.
    Selling is being able to being able to facilitate an exchange of your product/service to a client/consumer.  The product/service has already been positioned in the marketplace and you are trying to convince the buyer that its features are convincing to the point of exchanging value (i.e. consideration, cash, credit card,etc...) for it.
    Both marketing and selling are important parts of a business.  They need to work in harmony to allow a business to thrive.  Even in one person operations, both are present.
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    Richard J. Garcia | 07/17/2010