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I will never be...

First, I'm sorry for not being able to post very much over the weekend.  I worked most of it and priorities dictated other tasks.  

 I was playing tennis in the neighborhood late Sunday evening.  On some level, I can relive past glories of when I played in college and my game was much stronger.  On a rest break, we were talking about youngsters from the neighborhood and if they still played.  One in particular has been taking lessons for a couple of years and is at a level considerably higher than I ever reached at my peak.

 I know I will never play for major titles in tennis.  I am considerably above my playing weight and the lack of training has seriously eroded my skills.  It's o.k..  My time to play at my former best is gone.  I will probably never get back to that point again but I can continue to focus my energies on growing my business to be the best it can be.   There are many things I CAN still be able to accomplish as long as I work at it. 

 I'm pretty sure you readers can relate my tennis experience from the weekend to your own lives and businesses. The point is to be the best you can be and enjoy the experience.

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Richard J. Garcia | 07/19/2010