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The law of averages may be a powerful ally for you

Over the years, I have read scores of books on business to improve myself.  I read business books and magazines years before I would actually launch my own enterprise.  Many of those publications touched in one way or another on the law of averages.  In business, the law of averages is frequently mentioned to indicate how the increased number of sales proposals you make will work in your favor.  For example:  You want to increase your sales.  You can either make one sales proposal to a potential client or many proposals to many potential clients.

The odds of being able to generate a sale through the multiple presentations are greater than the one.  In that way, the law of averages works for you.  The fewer or the one presentation made, the law of averages begins to work against you.

Increasing your odds for new sales will be one more ally for you to succeed in business.  It's a simple concept but one that I've seen a number or clients overlook. The main reason quoted by those clients who don't make presentations?  "I don't like rejection."  My response?  "Do you like to eat?"  Rejection is part of the game to being in business.  You've got to be willing to hear a bunch of no's to start hearing a yes.  Thanks to the number of presentations you have the courage to face, you will become more polished and the number of yes responses will begin to pile up.

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Richard J. Garcia | 07/21/2010