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A role model for handling adversity

There is a story recently on a woman (Shirley Sherrod) who had a video of her remarks spliced together in a manner that inflamed the media and caused a reaction by other organizations.  The lesson for me was to be careful to gather the facts before you judge.

As it turns out, the woman at the center of the story was wrongly accused by people (including people at high levels of our own government) who are intelligent and should have known better to do basic research before reacting. The media certainly should have done their homework and I'm sure they teach fact finding to those who study for that profession.

I don't know if I could remain as gracious as the woman whose reputation was damaged and who faced the wrath of people so quick to judge because they did not exercise due diligence.

I've learned much from Ms. Sherrod about how to remain brave in the face of criticism and I now have a new role model in how to conduct myself in the face of adversity.

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Richard J. Garcia | 07/22/2010