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    When you first start a business, it's easy to remember what to do.  The number of business contacts is typically non existent or small at your business launch.  Over time, your business gets rolling and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what you have to do and who you need to contact from memory.  That's where Dayplanners and the like come in.

    I was lucky.  In the beginning, I had a small dayplanner.  The problem at times was receiving a call from a client while I was exercising or enjoying my personal time.  I was in one spot and the dayplanner was in another.  I also found it cumbersome to carry the dayplanner with me and I had the weird sensation that I was carrying a clutch purse instead of my schedule.  For me, I sold the problem by purchasing a palm pilot over a decade ago.  I gave up the dayplanner and still use the dinosaur model palm pilot to this day.  Oodles of client contact numbers are recorded in the device and I like being able to pull the old palm pilot out of my pocket no matter where I am.  

    I've set meetings while at meal.  A quick check of my PDA reveals when I have an available time to meet and back it goes in my pocket when I'm done from a call by a potential client looking for an appointment.

    If you have a business or are just a person with a bunch to do, a PDA may be just the trick to stay on top of your busy schedule.

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    Richard J. Garcia | 07/23/2010