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Which is better, spending your money or time?

I've faced that question many times as it relates to health issues.  You can either begin an exercise program or pay for medication.  
I've decided to step up my exercise routine.  Like you, I seem to have very little time to spare.  Of course the other choice is to spend my money on medication which could be reduced if I just exercise a little more.  
Now as a kid, I was rail thin.  In fact, I went to the Doctor's office with my Mother to see why I wasn't gaining weight.  I don't have that trouble anymore.
So, I am trying to find activities which are fun and still let me get active.  I ride a bicycle a couple of times a week but I'm told the body must be confused by various activities or it becomes efficient and burns less since it knows how much energy must be expended in the one exercise you do by itself.
I know I will be adding more days to my fitness routine.  I just don't know what I'll be doing.
Perhaps you will start your own routine and reduce your chances for medicine, larger outfits and increased grocery costs.  Good Luck.  I'll keep you posted on my progress periodically.
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Richard J. Garcia | 07/25/2010