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Be happy in your own skin

Did you ever have a favorite actor or actress who has gone through plastic surgery?  I have and their look after surgery is just too weird for me.  They really don't look the same. In fact, for me, they look worse. 
I say, celebrate the lines on your face which mark life's journey.  Be comfortable in your own skin and what you do.  But, if you are unhappy with the path you currently travel then consider changing direction.  
If you live with unhappiness at the thought of losing your job then create your own.  Not enough money for your household?  Start something on the side.  Do it before you run out of time.
I can't wait to come to work in the mornings.  I love what I do.  The anticipation of a new client calling to set an appointment.  Finishing a big project and being proud of the effort.  I'm not knocking working in corporate America.  In fact, I spent a number of years "working for the man".  But for me, it's totally great working for yourself.
I am a CPA in San Antonio and provide bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and more.  We offer a free initial visit and look forward to serving your business needs.

Richard J. Garcia | 07/28/2010