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    Comfort is the name of the game.  Your body is a wonderful machine. Treat it right and it will function well for years.
    Ergonomics helps to make you more comfortable to do tasks.  From a more comfortable chair for sitting hours at a time to pads which let you rest your wrists while you type on a keyboard.
    If you could squeeze more productive time out of your day simply by improving your comfort, wouldn't you do it?  Of course you would.
    I have a pretty comfortable office chair with arm rests and my computer monitor is perched upon some risers which have office supply drawers underneath.  Since I will use my computer for the majority of my work day, I want to take opportunities to make it easier for me to work at higher productivity levels.  It just makes sense.
    Look at how you work and see if you can perform in a more comfortable position.  It can save you medical costs and ease the pains associated with what you do all day.
    I am a CPA in San Antonio and provide bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and more.  Our initial visit is free and we look forward to serving your business needs.

    Richard J. Garcia | 07/29/2010