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    I like to ride my bicycles.  A lot.  Riding lets me release stress in a way that really has to be experienced to be understood.
    On Friday, I went on a group ride late in the evening.  When I say group ride I mean over a hundred other participants.
    I never know where we will be traveling to.  I know there will be frequent stops and the stops will last a good bit of time.
    One of those stops occurred in front of a bicycle shop.  What a perfect opportunity the owner had to promote his business.  Did he do it?  No.
    Perhaps it's because I've been self employed for awhile but I like to promote my business whenever I have the chance.  It doesn't necessarily have to be expensive but it should take planning.  
    The business owner I mentioned missed such a fantastic opportunity to reach potential buyers but didn't seize it. Hopefully, he won't miss the next one.
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    Richard J. Garcia | 08/02/2010