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Yes, having an office outside of your home has perks

A number before us and scores of others will do it after us.  What am I talking about?  An office in your home.

I started my business from my home.  It was convenient and my kids weren't born yet.  The house stayed clean since it was my wife and I who lived in it.  Clients would come in to meet me and everything worked fine...for awhile.

I decided to have an office outside the home when business began to pick up.  It was no longer convenient to meet clients late in the evening or on the weekend.  It was not good for marital harmony since we had a small starter home at the beginning.  So, I took an office in a building.  It worked fine until my second child was born and my wife asked me to move my business back into the house so I could help out.

You never know the point when fear will begin to grip you as your client asks to use the bathroom in your home.  Did the kids pick up their stuff when they finished taking their morning showers?  Does everything look in order?  Yeah, I never really liked that worry and of course there was the missing office supplies when someone in the house needed a writing utensil or computer paper.

When you can,  get an office outside your home.  Things are actually much simpler and you don't have to worry about how your kid's bedtime routine might disrupt your meeting with a client.

Richard J. Garcia | 08/03/2010