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    I had read so many books on self employment and dreamed for years about working for myself before I started my own business.  I figured by reading on the ups and downs of operating your own business, I would be ready for what it takes to be your own boss.  I was wrong.
    The books will tell you about cash flow issues, expansion, contraction, marketing and many other things.  The problem is really experiencing the stress of carrying the load all by yourself and the uncertainties which each day brings.
    I spoke to a gentleman the other day and he mentioned how nearly all his family (except him) has operated their own small businesses.  At some point, he decided to take the plunge and run his own business as well.  What he shared mirrored my own situation.  Books or family may give you an idea but nothing really compares until you are knee deep in it yourself.
    Even after all these years, I still love the experience of calling my own shots.  I certainly work much more than I ever did in the corporate world.  There will always be stress but at least I have more control over my own destiny and the possibility of earning more than what someone else has budgeted for me as an annual salary.
    So, if you are thinking about starting a business of your own, do the research and be honest with yourself.  If you do, you will be able to be better equipped with what self employment will do for you and to you.
    I am a CPA in San Antonio and provide bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and more.  We offer a free initial consultation and look forward to serving your business needs.

    Richard J. Garcia | 08/05/2010