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Rat out a tax cheat? You know there's a reward right?

I have people come to my office periodically and moan about how they know so and so who makes a bunch of money but doesn't pay federal income taxes.  You can feel the anger in their voice because their sense of fairness has been trampled.  
How do you tip the scales?  The IRS has a program to let you profit by reporting tax cheaters.  If the accused is to be found liable then you could receive up to 15% of the amount underpaid.
The IRS also has a program for reporting on large amount cheaters and the criteria for receiving money is a bit different for that type of situation.
So, you have options if you feel like it's not fair and paying tax should be paid by everyone who is liable and tries to get away with not paying their fair share.
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Richard J. Garcia | 08/19/2010