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An office outside the home

I know I blogged about this fairly recently but a recent discovery last night only reinforced the validity to maintain an office outside the home.
I woke up last night looking for an extra blanket or some additional covering.  My body temperature had dropped (which I suppose is normal since I remain fairly still during sleep).  Imagine my surprise when I opened the hall closet and discovered the contents of my guitar study bag strewn about inside.
I asked my kids how my guitar stuff got into the closet in the first place. The closet is not where I originally left it placed and while were at it, what were they doing up at 2AM?  The various books and whatnot were out of the mesh bag which kept my guitar things together.  One of them answered "Oh, I needed the bag for something".  No asking for permission first to borrow it but to one of my kids, taking it was fine and dumping the contents of what I accumulated seemed to be fine as well.
Now you know one of the reasons why maintaining an office outside of the home is a plus.  At least you know your stuff is secure and unlikely to find its way to a place you didn't leave it.
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Richard J. Garcia | 08/22/2010