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No Marquee Yet

It must seem very odd that people in the neighborhood of my new office location still have no idea of what type of business just moved into their area.
The marquee in front of our building is still blank, save for the two "for rent" signs mounted to it.
I don't plan to have the marquee fitted with our business name until I'm sure the phone number from our old location transfers.
It is neat however to meet the cold callers who have just stopped into our offices to see if there is a chance to make a sale.  You know, cold calling takes real guts as you don't know what awaits you.
Well, I'm hopeful the new location will be good for the business.  With all the traffic from San Pedro, we are certain to have more eyes traveling to our marquee (when it's finally installed with our name) than we ever did at our old place.
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Richard J. Garcia | 09/02/2010