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Just when you think you've evolved, Mother Nature reminds you how much further you need to go

I was out and about on business yesterday.  I dropped off some paperwork to a client's office and then stopped off at the mechanics to repair a busted rear light assembly.
It was about lunch time so I stopped off for lunch at a neighborhood restaurant.  It was then when I really became aware of the rain.  I was doused when running to my car and then the coup de gras was when power went out at our business (along with at least two blocks around me).  It stayed off for around 4 hours.
All this time to improve technology and yet Mother Nature is still capable of stopping us when she wants.
So, do I purchase a generator for the office to ward off the next time or just put up with intermittent power outages whenever a really bad storm comes through.  I suppose time will tell me more.
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Richard J. Garcia | 09/08/2010