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Should you follow the pack or be a trend setter?

Pick up a phone book (I know, how many people actually use one these days), and find a category to look up.  Whether you chose Accountant, Attorney, Mechanic or something else, you are certain to have quite a few choices.
What would happen if you picked up the phone and called perhaps a dozen listings to inquire what they provide?  Suppose they all responded the same way.  How would you pick one over the other if they all said basically the same thing?
Being a trend setter lets you set yourself apart from the pack.  Perhaps your business is new and you can't compete with the advertising budget of the more established competitors.  Perhaps you are established but do not have the volume of the same competitors.
Think about being a trend setter as you work your business or if you're thinking of starting a business.  Your success may depend on it.
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Richard J. Garcia | 09/22/2010