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Why retire?

We had a birthday party for my youngest child on Saturday.  At some point of the gathering, my youngest sister asked who would retire first between my wife and me.  I quickly answered my wife.  My wife answered the question the same way (she would retire first).
I was stunned by her question and told her that I never wanted to retire.  She was genuinely surprised by my explanation and thought how I could come up with such a strange answer. What I told her in my response registered a look of sheer surprise.  What did I say?  Read on.
Why would you want to retire when you have no boss but yourself telling you what to do.  You can set your own hours, take a vacation when you want to, can't be fired from your job and know that every time the phone rings brings the probability of new business.  In addition, one day I could sell my practice when I hit the point where I finally say enough is enough.  I mean, how many out there can sell the job they currently occupy?
I'm sure my sister probably thinks I am only sharing the good parts of self employment but even the warts and frustrations of self employment pales in comparison to the negative aspects I experienced for many past years of working in the corporate world.  Besides, if I ever worked again for someone else (not likely), I know I would be a better employee because now I recognize what an employer is really looking for when they hire you to fill a position.
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Richard J. Garcia | 09/26/2010