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    We now have a great deal to be thankful for at our firm.  We've relocated to a larger space but are not completely moved in.  
    Our marquee pole remains bent (thanks to an inconsiderate driver), no marquee in place to advertise that we are here and we've still not put everything away where it should go.
    Since you only get one first impression, we've decided to wait before we have our marquee sign mounted.  Potential customers may get the wrong impression when they read your sign and they notice the lean in the pole.
    So, only our regulars know our new location.  I suppose the neighborhood must think we operate some nefarious business since we don't show our business name anywhere outside our building and haven't had a real opportunity to meet our adjacent business owners (with the exception of the convenience store located right next to us).
    Getting noticed means presenting yourself (including signage) to be seen.  I certainly remember a restaurant located on a busy street a few months ago which closed after only a year or so at their location.  They didn't do anything save a couple of nondescript signs which where hard to be seen over all the other signs in their retail strip.  I'll have to remember that as we establish ourselves in a new part of town.
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    Richard J. Garcia | 09/28/2010