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    As an Accountant, I am well aware of costs.  I try to control mine but I also realize when it's important to spend (especially on advertising).
    I went to eat at a Mom and Pop mexican restaurant yesterday.  They had a little sign out front of their place in the parking lot which offered a lunch special for $3.99.  Wow, $3.99???
    Well, I ate and the food was quite good.  They even provided tea in the special.  So, why wasn't the restaurant full of patrons?  Clearly, I would say the food was good and they were on a busy street. Could it have to do with limited parking?  Perhaps.
    The restaurant was large and now that I remember, there was parking in the back.  Too bad the restaurant doesn't advertise that fact out front.
    You'd be surprised at the little things which cause a customer to stop or pass your place by.
    The things that attract customers are pretty basic.  A quality product, fair prices, a clean environment, good location, friendly staff, adequate parking and constant advertising.
    I hope that restaurant makes it.  I do think I'll be back and the next time I eat there, I plan to offer some suggestions to them to help them improve their customer counts.
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    Richard J. Garcia | 10/02/2010