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How to learn to sell

My wife is constantly asking me how it is that I'm not embarrassed by being the first one to engage someone in a conversation and having the other person ignore me.  I can be in line at the grocery store, passing someone on the street or sitting on a bench outside a restaurant (after a meal).  Well, look at the alternative.  Keep quiet and be to yourself.  Is that really how you want to live?
To learn to sell, you've got to be willing to be rejected.  Not all people are friendly and yes, It's possible that the other person you're trying to chat with will avert their eyes and avoid contact with you.  So what?  It's their loss.
If you practice being the initiator in starting a conversation, selling becomes more second nature.  
As a boy, I was not naturally gifted at making friends.  The ability to charm and befriend was more true of my older sister than me.  Still, I learned over time that being open and engaging creates the way to not only sell your product or service easier but makes you more confident so you create in yourself a person who can bring others together and make living just a little bit brighter for everyone.
Does it really work?  Absolutely.  I have picked up quite a bit of business by doing what I'm sharing with you in today's blog.  I've also made many new friends.
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Richard J. Garcia | 10/05/2010