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What would you do for a million dollars?

Recently, there was a 24 year old man who streaked at a rally where the U.S. President spoke in order to win a million dollar offer.  The young man did streak but the payout was dependent on whether the President witnessed the man streaking.
I have to admit I drove into work the other day and was considering what price my self respect is worth.  I'm not judging the young streaker but instead trying to figure out what it's worth for me to "expose" myself to the world for quick money in the of manner the young man.
I don't think I would do it for the money (and I like money just as much as the next person) simply because there should be certain things (like your dignity) which are not for sale.  Of course during times of crisis when your life is on the line, it may be necessary to make hard choices but quick money outside of crisis just isn't worth it to me.
I can't imagine Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Ted Turner or John Rockerfeller doing something so rash.  I think I'd rather follow their lead and amass a fortune by executing a well thought out plan instead.
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Richard J. Garcia | 10/13/2010