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The importance of respect to all

Years ago (o.k. decades ago), I was a senior college student at my school's mixer for accounting majors.  Our Accounting instructor asked students to question the attendees (CPA's who were practicing in the local community).  I asked a question to one in particular and he big timed me.

At the time, I wanted to know some stories of how he (the CPA practioner) handled adversity in the workplace.  Rather than give me a straight answer, he decided to answer in a manner which made me look small.  Of course I was furious but I had been raised to be respectful of my elders (even though a few fellow students were witness to my humiliation).

From that time on, I promised myself to show respect to all people regardless of their station in life.  Everybody matters.

Perhaps the gentleman was just tired after a long day or maybe that's just the way he was with people.   Who knows.  All I know is I learned a lesson to be the kind of person who treats others the way I wish to be treated. 

It's smart business and it's the right thing to do.

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Richard J. Garcia | 10/15/2010