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    Years ago (many, many), I was a boy under ten when our family traveled via station wagon to Disneyland.  For me, it was the experience of a lifetime.  Disney had a show on every week and of course our family tuned in to watch it (back in the days of six channels (CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, perhaps a couple of spanish channels).  As a businessman now, I appreciate the marketing angle of a time slot which promoted your product (Disney theme park visitation) regularly.
    The first time in the park was like a dream come true.  Of course I cried out of fear when a lumbering 6 foot plus Goofy came toward me in a gait with outstretched arms. Hey, he looked much smaller on TV so leave me alone on that one.  I also remembered how pretty the snow white actress looked to me.  So pretty.
    It was a magical experience.  Now, I realize the work which it took to create that experience for consumers.  People to maintain the rides and park, costumed actors, attendants, business office and more.
    Mr. Disney worked for a long time, spent a considerable sum and increased his odds when possible to bring his dream of an amusement park to a reality.  A place which seemed magical back then (probably true today as well) but required so much work in order for others to enjoy the fun.
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    Richard J. Garcia | 10/18/2010